Worst Dressed Of The Week

December 19th, 2010 // 2 Comments

It twas a sad week for some celebs on the red carpet. I’m unsure if it’s insistence from their personal stylists or the stubborn nature of the stars, but some terrible choices are being made by those who wear the clothing, and the designers who create them. Tragedy, I tell you.

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By Hannah Niequist

  1. la chica

    oh Natalie. have you no friends? someone should have told u not to wear this outside of the house.

  2. she-la

    ‘Twas a sad shame the editing staff at socialitelife.com didn’t realize that saying “it twas” was grammatically incorrect. ‘Twas is a contraction of “it was,” so unless you have a stutter, you need only say “it” once.

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