Worst-Dressed Celebs: 2011 Teen Choice Awards

SOCIALITE LIFE giveth and it taketh away, as we do with every awards show.  Even the young whipper snappers at this year’s Teen Choice Awards weren’t immune to poor fashion choices.  Tyra, Tyra, Tyra.  You’re a g0od-looking woman.  Why the PVC cat suit?  Remember that hot pink Betsey Johnson mini you wore circa ’99?  Wear something more like that next time.

You’re all gonna chop my head off, but I stand by my decision to place Taylor Swift on the worst-dressed list.  Her look came straight out of a mall store.  White halter dress?  Ew.  Zooey Deschanel didn’t fare much better, walking onto the red carpet in something from Urban Outfitters.

Kat Graham, you’re gorgeous but I’m terrified that you’ll get caught in that fringe and break your neck.  Don’t be fashion roadkill.

Joe Jonas, if you don’t remove that man jewelry, then we’re going to have issues.

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