World’s Most Perfect Couple Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger Are Even Perfect At The Airport

Ladies and gents, please take a moment and appreciate the sheer perfection of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger.

The adorable couple was spotted at LAX earlier today catching a flight out of the city. Judging by Diane’s garment bag, the duo is going somewhere where she’s gonna need fancy dresses. And dang, does that girl know how to look amazing on the red carpet.

Look at her, she’s just hanging out at the airport and she looks awesome. Also, Joshua, what is going on with your foot? That’s gotta be no fun to travel with. 

Imagine trying to get those crutches on a flight in the coach section. See, this is why celebrities shell out the big bucks to fly first class. I can’t even tell you how awesome a flight with Joshua and Diane sounds. They’ve gotta be so much fun to hang out with.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cuteness happening with these two. Where do they fall on your list of favorite celebrity couples? Let us know in the comments!