World Cup Biter Luis Suarez Has A Seriously Pearly Set Of Teeth

Have you heard of Luis Suarez? If you can’t remember the name, I’m positive you are familiar with his actions.

He is the World Cup Biter! During a game with Suarez’s Team Uruguay versus Team Italy, the striker was seen chomping into Italian player Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder. Sure he tried to pretend that he was injured too, but come on Luis! We saw the tapes.

In fact, the athlete has his very own meme. 

I mean, if Ian Somerhalder is Instagramming about you, you know you’ve made it.

But if there’s one positive to come out of this it’s that we’ve learned just how intense Luis’ teeth are. No really! They are straight and white and lovely. Who knew? Launch the gallery to check them out. Also, he’s kind of a cutie. Too bad he bites. Or that could be a good thing…