Working with Tom Cruise Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

August 20th, 2007 // 2 Comments

In Berlin, on the set of the film where Tom Cruise is filming his latest project, “Valkyrie,” eleven extras fell out of a truck while the cameras were rolling and went to the hospital to be treated for injuries related to the fall. And, contrary to the misleading tone of this headline, Tom Cruise was not present on the set at the time off the accident. From Yahoo! News:

Police said in a statement that a bolt on a side panel of the truck apparently came loose as the vehicle turned.

The accident happened during filming of scenes around the Finance Ministry in Berlin, which was once the Nazis’ aviation ministry.

Every one of the eleven extras have been released from the hospital after receiving attention for their injuries, except for one last man. I remember working as an extra briefly when I moved out here to Los Angeles and was arrested on “The Shield” twice. Although I was never injured, I’m starting to think that perhaps I was the victim of racial profiling.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Logan

    My mom told me that my nose and ears would grow bigger with age – maybe some hair in my ears – but Tom’s nose is getting HUGE! Ahead of schedule…..He’s so “gamey” looking nowadays….

  2. Ooo The Shield! THAT’S where I know you from. The performance you delivered as a catfighting crackwhore in episode 89 was *classic* Stanislavski.

    (lol j/p Lisakins!)


    P.S. I think Tom looks pimp in his uniform. Very spiffy… nose & all! :-)

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