Work It: Jared Leto In Drag On ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’ Set [PHOTOS]

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Hello my lovely.

Jared Leto returned to acting in full drag as he films for The Dallas Buyers Club in New Orleans yesterday (November 15, 2012), where he was wearing a fur coat and purple nylons.

The star went through making painful changes as he prepares to shoot his scenes – he visited a beauty salon to have his body hair ripped off and his eyebrows plucked.

Taking to his Twitter account to share his treatments with fans, he writes, “I just waxed my legs for this new role. Time to get into character. Pluck pluck pluck. Filming this week.”

“Ladies, I feel your pain. What I have learned today: Beauty is pain. Wax on wax off.”

After the beautician tackled his bushy brows, he added, “Oh [bleep], there go the eyebrows!!!”

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