Words From The ‘Wise’: Best Celebrity Tweets — October 31, 2012 — Featuring Jared Padalecki, Jenny McCarthy, And More! [PHOTOS]

Happy Halloween fellow tweeters! There is quite a bit going on. Hopefully you’re enjoying the festivities of this spooktacular holiday!

Today on Twitter, people are posting quite a bit about the two latest events in the world: Hurricane Sandy and Halloween. I suspect we’ll be hearing about the storm for quite a while. The devastation created by the storm is unbelievable. My condolences go out to those who have lost so much due to this natural disaster.

Hearing that Halloween has been “cancelled” for many people is a bummer, especially for those who have small children looking forward to going trick-or-treating. With any luck, people will be able to come up with an event at home to pass the time. For people with power, a horror movie marathon sounds like it good be in their futures. Actually, that sounds really good, even to me.

What are the happenings in the celebrity twittersphere?

Jenny McCarthy is evidently planning on enjoying her birthday and Halloween in Las Vegas. Any of you there can take the opportunity and go party with her. Calling all young gentlemen: head over to the club and enjoy yourselves! Every time I see McCarthy’s name now, I can’t help but think of when she put a Sharpie mustache on her face when she appeared on Bravo.

Supernatural hottie, Jared Padalecki has melted my heart. There is no way I can be the ice witch with the cute picture he posted. Once you launch the gallery, I know there is no way you’ll be able to see his tweet without saying “aww.” Thank you, Jared, for supplying us with a daily dose of cuteness.

Take a peek at what the other celebrities are tweeting about. Included are some hilarious tweets about Halloween and other silly things! Let us know what you think in the comments below!