Words From The ‘Wise’: Best Celebrity Tweets — October 30, 2012 — Featuring Donald Trump, Adam Shankman, And More! [PHOTOS]

Best Celebrity Tweets
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Unfortunately, there hasn’t been too much going on in the Twitterverse today! Despite the usual traffic on the site, it seems like tumbleweed central. Many people, due to the awful, disastrous hurricane – especially in the New York area – were left without power. Until conditions are made better for them, they probably won’t be doing much tweeting.

Most tweets posted today were about Hurricane Sandy. Unless they had some sort of clever twist to them, I decided not to feature them in today’s post. For the next few days, inspirational, silly, or atrocious tweets will probably be few and far between. What everyone is in need of right now is something to lift their spirits.

Celebrities were replying to Donald Trump’s tweet (featured above). It’s unsurprisingly controversial following his announcement on Twitter made in reference to President Barack Obama. He’s still mentioning the five million dollars he claims he wants to donate to charity. A whole slew of tweets joined that single one. All of which are getting negative feedback.

Show and movie fandoms always have a nickname of some sort. I’m not sure what you would call it. The Vampire Diaries fans call themselves the “TVD Family.” Harry Potter fans are “Potterheads” and the list goes on. Adam Shankman is in the process of creating a name for fans of Grimm. What do you all think you should be referred to as? Just fans or something fancy?

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