Words From The ‘Wise’: Best Celebrity Tweets — October 25, 2012 — Featuring Pete Wentz, Brent Bolthouse, And More! [PHOTOS]

Twitter has turned into the land of tumbleweeds today. Not too many quality tweets were gracing our timelines today. To that I say, please tweet more, beloved celebrities. Many were replying to fans or marketing their projects or promoting charities their friends endorse. While those are all well and good, they’re not really what we’re looking for here.

Katy Perry and Ciara are both celebrating their birthdays today. Fans and other famous followers were wishing them a happy birthday left and right. Speaking of the lovely, “I Kissed A Girl” songstress, check out SL’s post dedicated to her on her 28th birthday! She’s our favorite California Girl!

What else are the celebrities tweeting about today?

Former Fall Out Boy rocker, Pete Wentz, tweeting his own quote, I’ve fallen in love with. You can view it above. The Internet really seems to bring out both the best and worst of people depending on what situation it is. Quite a few celebrities, including Whoopi Goldberg and Sophia Bush have been getting constant hate directed towards them due to their political views. There are definitely many pros and cons to fame.

There were a few clever tweets today, as well as one or two useful tips. Anytime I see a tip someone could possibly use in their real life, I can’t help but automatically love it. Inspiring, motivational, or helpful tweets are the ones that appeal more to me. You really don’t want someone droning on about something nonsensical that people don’t care about, or don’t want to hear.

Launch our gallery and enjoy the best tweets of today! Which ones are your favorites?