Words From The ‘Wise’: Best Celebrity Tweets — October 24, 2012 — Featuring Paris Hilton, Jimmy Fallon, And More! [PHOTOS]

Have you ever looked on Twitter and felt like you needed to bang our head against your desk, or another equally hard surface? Well folks, today was one of those days for me. The majority of tweets posted today were repetitive, nonsensical, or really stupid. The “wise” didn’t seem so wise today. Rest assured, there were some diamonds in the rough.

With the election more-or-less right around the corner, it’s still the topic on everyone’s mind. Donald Trump’s proposition for President Barack Obama is another major conversation topic. There really is only so much you can say about that before it starts sounding stale. Quite a few people seem to dislike the mogul trying to get any information out of the president.

That said, I couldn’t resist pulling out one or two witty tweets in reference to that little debacle. I’m sure everyone’s wondering if Obama will respond to Trump, or if he’ll just continue his duty? When you have to run an entire country, replying to silly things like that are probably the last thing on your mind.

Politics, politcs, and more politics. So what else where the celebrities tweeting about today?

As you can tell above, hotel heiress, Paris Hilton is giving life advice in the form of quotes. Some of the things she has said throughout the years have sounded pretty ridiculous. Remember the “that’s hot” trend? Everything was hot, even if it really wasn’t. Seeing her use quotes like that to inspire her followers let’s me know there is still hope for her yet.

Celebrities are still finding ways to amuse their followers with their tweet. Jimmy Fallon’s tweet is cringe-worthy as well as laugh-inducing. Your reaction depends on how you look at it. His was to kick-off the Twitter trend, #halloweendisasters. He’s trying to get people to reply to it for the opportunity to get it on his talk show!

A show very close to my heart (think 90’s Disney) was mentioned as well. Wondering which one it was? Launch the gallery and you’ll be sure to find it sooner or later! Comment below and let us know what you think about what the celebrities are tweeting about today!