Words From The ‘Wise’: Best Celebrity Tweets — October 23, 2012 — Featuring Ian Somerhalder, Joan Rivers, And More!

Many of us who have Twitter, follow a whole slew of celebrities to find out what’s going on in their lives. Many update us on the happenings of their lives, which can be downright boring. Other times, they’ll try to throw out an inspirational quote, or even discuss an event that is close to their heart.

The most discussed topic on the site (despite what the worldwide trends say) would probably have to be last night’s presidential debate. Quite a few tweets about the company, Apple, have surfaced as well. Not completely sure what that’s all about though!

Sometimes it seems like the celebs tweet vulgar, inappropriate things to get a reaction (usually not a good one) out of their followers. Several times I’ve read someone showing all of their followers – sometimes a million – one negative thing a follower said to them. What’s the point of doing that when you know all too well that your followers are going to hound that person and make their internet experience miserable?

There are some who tweet really nice messages that their followers love to read. We’re kept “in the know” by them. With the political race, endorsers like Ian Somerhalder take the chance to get on a little soapbox and educate their followers on their beliefs. The election is right around the corner and many people look at this as “crunch time”. Either you shed light on what you think is right and see change, or you can sit there with your mouth shut and let life pass you buy. Many celebrities are deciding to take action via the social networking platform.

Surprisingly, most of the tweets posted today were either uplifting, motivational quotes, witty, or somehow humorous. Not too many ridiculous tweets to poke fun at this time around. It’s great to see all of these people trying to use their popularity to make people feel good in some way.

Launch our gallery to see what entertaining tweets celebrities like Joan Rivers and Wyclef Jean posted today! Prepare for belly laughs and giggles for a few of these!