Words From The ‘Wise’: Best Celebrity Tweets — November 1, 2012 — Featuring Matthew Perry, Joan Rivers, And More! [PHOTOS]

I think the celebrities are still too exhausted from all of their Halloween festivities to tweet today! That or they’re busy working. Not too many were keeping a busy Twitter feed today, which is a little surprising. Friday is usually the day they tweet the most. Perhaps it’s their way of preparing for the weekend ahead.

Never fear peeps, celebrities still managed to tweet a few quality things today. I do love when they mention charities. By speaking out, people contribute, and make the greatest difference in the world. I’ll admit that due to my immense love and respect for some of my favorite celebs, I’ve donate to a few of their favorite charities.

Most people are talking politics, Halloween, Hurricane Sandy, and Thanksgiving. Can you believe it’s already November?! So what else were the celebrities mentioning today?

As you can tell from the featured photo, former Friends star, Matthew Perry tweeted an ironic statement. I love when celebrities indirectly insult someone the way he did. In no way am I intentionally insulting the tweeter more, but I do find it amusing. One thing I’m a stickler for is proper usage of the English language. Words are beautiful and they should be used correctly as often as possible!

Joan Rivers has been serving up laughs left and right lately. Hers are usually not for those who are easily offended though. Lately, people have been discussing the Octomom and the newest development in her life. No, she’s not giving birth to anymore children. If you haven’t heard already, she’s entering rehab for a Xanax addiction. Of course, like everyone else, Rivers needed to comment.

Interested in seeing what else the celebrities are tweeting about? Launch the gallery and check out their great tweets!