Women On “The View” Are Covering Up

May 29th, 2007 // 15 Comments

On the first new “The View” since the hag brawl, Hasselbeck lied through her chiclets and said that she and Rosie had been “in communication a lot” over the weekend and everything was dandy. O’Donnell’s already stated that they exchanged a brief e-mail and would probably never speak again after that. So stop lying, Liz. And then Barbara Walters’ old ass told us that a split screen was commonplace. “The View” is not a Brian DePalma film, Hagatha!

Tuesday’s show – for which O’Donnell had been deleted from the opening credits – began with guest co-host Whoopi Goldberg asking Walters, “What’s new?” – to which Walters responded, “Have you been living under a rock?”

Walters then recapped the events of last week, blaming the Iraq War for being an emotional issue that exacerbated some already underlying tensions at the show. Walters also repeatedly expressed her admiration, affection and appreciation for O’Donnell and her contributions this past season. “We wanted her to stay,” Walters said of the behind-the-scenes negotiations.

Rosie quit three weeks before her scheduled end date because of the brouhaha. I’m just excited to see who they get to replace her. Get someone equally wacky in there! Hasselbeck went on to talk some bullshit about the power of forgiveness. I think she’s just making sure she doesn’t get her ass run over by the Dykes on Bikes.

By J. Harvey

  1. Linda B

    Don’t you just love watching people lie to your face…must be the legacy of the Bush years. Whether or not you like Rosie O.. SHE is NO liar. She calls it like she sees it and makes no excuses. The View is done.

  2. Steph S

    That’s what the whole incident was about…Rosie making excuses about an absurd comment she made.

  3. Linda B

    Really? Watch it again. She was taken out of context and you know it. Do you honestly think the people of Iraq do not think of us as terrorists? We invaded and are occupying THEIR country because of WMD that do not exist and 650,000 of them are now dead as a result. Wake up..the truth is ugly.

  4. jane

    Are you crazy? Rosie is crazy and it’s the best thing the View can do is get rid of her. How dare she call our soldiers terrorist. It’s not our soldiers blowing everything up, it’s the people who want things to go back to the way they were. The supper rich and the very poor. The mass killings and the rapes and abuse. Before you start agreeing with Rosie, I suggest that you read about things that are going on and stop listening to the media

  5. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    Regardless of how Iraqis view us (I disagree with Linda’s assessment; the media portrays the worst and neglects to show the Iraqis who are thankful that the Baath party has been removed from power), Rosie shouldn’t expect Elizabeth to defend her. Rosie’s a big girl. She knows that the misguided tripe coming out of her mouth is controversial. If she has the nerve to say it, she should have the nerve to defend it herself, and not expect a co-worker to come to her rescue.

  6. Dustin

    come on rosie lets get Hasselbeck!

  7. Linda B

    Thad…650,000 dead means every Citizen of Iraq has lost sons, daughters, husbands, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters..probably more than just one. Ask one of them if it was worth it. They just got a new dictator ( an outsider at that) who does not care how many of them die. Think about it.

  8. Deena

    The only thing the VIEW is covering up, is the fact that first they were NEVER going to offer another contract to Rosie. If they wanted her to remain on that show, they would of rolled out the red carpet, bent over backwards, and gave her whatever she wanted.

    As of this latest brooh ha ha….I believe that ABC is the one that told ROSIE that she is not welcomed back on the show, and as far as they are concerned, her contract was up that day, they will pay her the remaining dollars on her contract, but don’t bother showing up on Tuesday. That their business relationship had ended THAT day. They automatically fired her writer…and she was escorted off the property.

    She was a ticking time bomb on that show. At any point ABC could face a HUGE lawsuit on account of her…..and I highly doubt she would of been asked back to co-host at any time in the future.

    ABC treated Star Jones in the same way.

  9. Linda B

    Since when does exercising free speech in this country make you a target for a law suit..on what grounds…someone has a different political opinion than you? Scary that you probably believe the BS you just wrote.

  10. sheri.g

    As soon as Elisabitch referred to Ro’s statement as “insinuations”, it was obvious she sided with the Fox network’s analysis. She’s another Republican brainwashed mouthpiece. The “View master” and his split screen are in HEAVEN with the result of last Wednesday’s show…….

  11. carrie

    I saw the show today and it was boooriinggg. I kept tuning in ‘coz of Joy and Whoopi. Whoopi seemed to be very careful and definitely not looking at Elisabeth. I can’t stand that Hasselbleeh. I don’t exactly get when the word forgiveness comes from a mouth who favor war over diplomacy and truth. What a piece of shitty talk.

  12. Jen

    Its really sad that some of you would defend a woman who refers to our soldiers as terrorists. Our soldiers are doing their jobs. JOBS that none of YOU apparently do, so unless you’ve walked in the shoes of a soldier, you have no idea what they go through. it’s so easy to sit in front of your computers and talk crap about them, but maybe you should join up huh? You Bush-Bashers are getting pretty sad.

  13. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    “Thad…650,000 dead…”

    And the majority being insurgents (a large number not even Iraqi) who are disruptive the new national government, have killed innocent Iraqi citizens, and destroy buildings and landmarks simply because they were built by Americans.

    Yes, innocent civilians have been killed because of American forces. But far, far more innocent Iraqis have been killed because of the insurgents we’re currently battling. The simple fact, and you know it, is that our killings are targeted to the insurgency. Their killings are indiscriminate. Yeah, they want as many Americans dead as possible, but if they have to kill 20 Iraqi citizens standing in front of 1 American soldier, so be it. So don’t even fucking dare to associate our troops and the label “terrorists”.

  14. Linda B

    Our government headed by George W Bush is acting in a “terrorist” manner by invading and occupying a country for bogus reasons. After 4 years nearly 3/4 of a million people are dead and that country has been ripped to shreds. Our troops are martyrs..our president is the terrorist.

  15. AlliBaba1234

    Jen, nobody said our soldiers were acting as terrorists. Did you actually watch the show? Did you actually hear Rosie’s comments?

    What’s REALLY sad is when people defend the ill-conceived QUAGMIRE into which this administration of out-and-out lies, deciet and misinformation has placed our soldiers.

    You Bush-defenders are getting pretty desperate. But that’s typical. You’ve been twisting people’s words and bald-faced lying for quite a number of years now. We should know not to expect anything different.

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