Women On “The View” Are Covering Up

On the first new “The View” since the hag brawl, Hasselbeck lied through her chiclets and said that she and Rosie had been “in communication a lot” over the weekend and everything was dandy. O’Donnell’s already stated that they exchanged a brief e-mail and would probably never speak again after that. So stop lying, Liz. And then Barbara Walters’ old ass told us that a split screen was commonplace. “The View” is not a Brian DePalma film, Hagatha!

Tuesday’s show – for which O’Donnell had been deleted from the opening credits – began with guest co-host Whoopi Goldberg asking Walters, “What’s new?” – to which Walters responded, “Have you been living under a rock?”

Walters then recapped the events of last week, blaming the Iraq War for being an emotional issue that exacerbated some already underlying tensions at the show. Walters also repeatedly expressed her admiration, affection and appreciation for O’Donnell and her contributions this past season. “We wanted her to stay,” Walters said of the behind-the-scenes negotiations.

Rosie quit three weeks before her scheduled end date because of the brouhaha. I’m just excited to see who they get to replace her. Get someone equally wacky in there! Hasselbeck went on to talk some bullshit about the power of forgiveness. I think she’s just making sure she doesn’t get her ass run over by the Dykes on Bikes.

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