Woman Slain In “Honor Killing” Over Cellphone Photo

April 27th, 2005 // 4 Comments

Hundreds, if not thousands, of women are murdered by their families each year in the name of family “honor.” It’s difficult to get precise numbers on the phenomenon of honor killing; the murders frequently go unreported, the perpetrators unpunished, and the concept of family honor justifies the act in the eyes of some societies.

A Jordanian man allegedly shot dead his divorced sister after seeing a photograph of her face on his male friend’s mobile telephone, a police official said yesterday.

The 31-year-old woman, whose name was withheld, was shot twice in the head on Monday at her home in a Palestinian refugee camp in the northern city of Irbid, the official said on condition of anonymity.

He said her brother had turned himself in, confessing to police that he had killed her to “cleanse the family honour” because his sister had been “engaged in immoral relations”. It was the fifth “honour killing” in Jordan since January.

This must stop!

Man slays sister over photo on friend’s phone [Bangkok Post via Boing Boing]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. http://www.unifem.org is the website for the United Nations Development Fund for Women, which, among other things, works to end violence against women. Women’s rights are human rights.

  2. Mrs. B

    It’s so sick and sad that woman are treated horribly in certain countries. I wonder if it will ever change for them.

  3. Recently, I was visiting with my friend who is from Iran. During our conversation, which covered world politics, he could only shake his head about the horrible treatment of women in his former homeland.

    While we in the U.S. are aware of what happened to women in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban (being shot in soccer stadiums, unable to appear in public without a man, etc.), right now women and girls are being killed regularly in honor killings all over the Middle East.

    Often in my friend’s ex-country the girls/women are stoned to death. He says they’re buried up to their shoulders before the stones are thrown at them. It’s so barbaric it’s hard to imagine. But this happens all the time there. Women are treated as property, and not much more.

  4. muna

    that is so sad. i’m middle eastern and i’m the 1st generation in America, born and raised, and all i can say is that i’m so thankful that i do live in america because i’ve heard all the awful stories firsthand from my mother and aunts. they really are a backwards people and it’s sad that most people do not know how badly these women are treated.

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