Woman Poses As Jessica Simpson Publicist

No, that is not the woman in the photo above. That’s Radioman. Well, celebrities do love those homeless people, and Radioman has posed with the best of them. Moving on, a woman posed as Jessica Simpson’s publicist Cacee Cobb, in order to get some free stuff.

Courtney Handel created an e-mail account as Cobb and used it to get everything from seven pairs of Frye boots to Lacy Bosom Cupcake bras by telling vendors, “Jessica just loves your products.”

Police in East Rutherford, New Jersey, say that one vendor grilled Handel about details of Jessica’s personal life and tour schedule to make sure she was the real deal. They say Handel was smart enough to pass that test, but not smart enough to realize that having the swag sent to her home would lead police to her door. Cops received a tip from security personnel at Jessica’s record label about Handel, and a detective said that when they arrived at her door Friday (July 22), “UPS pulled up with 12 more packages. We turned to each other and said, ‘If only all our cases could be this easy.'”

Seven pair of Frye boots, my God! What would you do with even one pair of Frye boots. Throw away the key!

Jessica Simpson Victim Of Identity Scam [Yahoo! Music]

(Image Courtesy of INF-GOFF.com)