Woman Suing Jennifer Lopez For $10 Million

In a lawsuit that makes no sense, Claudia Vazquez is suing superstar Jennifer Lopez for $10 million because JLO is interfering with the production of a film about her ex-husband Ojani Noa’s struggle in America as a Cuban immigrant.

“I’m just me and I’m defending my career, my life,” Vazquez exclusively told RadarOnline.com. She has been dating Noa for the last decade and complains that Lopez is affecting her life, her company, her work and mostly…her kids. Um, huh?

If Lopez is blocking the film, then guess what…you need to try to find another source of income! Lopez and husband Marc Anthony were spotted Christmas shopping yesterday in Los Angeles.

“If Ojani is not important in her life, why would she waste so much money and time doing this?” Up until this point, Lopez has fought and won several court battles to stop Noa from releasing some sexy and inappropriate home video footage of the singer.

“I already spent a lot of money on this movie,” Vazquez pled into the camera during a message directed to Lopez. “Just do whatever it takes and close the deal and make it happen. Just let him [Noa] go and let us make a movie. Talk to your advisors, talk to your heart, and let’s just stop this nonsense… please.”