Wolfpack, Bella & Edward Posters, Ashley Greene Joins Twitter

September 22nd, 2009 // 7 Comments

Ardent celebrity Twitterer that he is, Peter Facinelli, has coaxed Twilight co-star, Ashley Greene, to the dark side. The New Moon actress has joined Twitter and to promote her new profile page, Facinelli tweets, “Proud Papa… Please welcome Ashley Greene to the Twitterverse. She just got an account. Follow @AshleyMGreene.”

In other Twilight/New Moon related news, new posters of the wolf pack have gone public, featuring the shirtless actors, including Taylor Lautner, as well as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, respectively.

As for RPattz, we doubt he’s going to be entering the Twitterverse any time soon. But here’s to hoping!

Gallery Info: New posters of the Wolfpack, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen for New Moon.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Lindz

    i’m super glad she got an account. if only one of them could, i’d choose her. she seems like a pretty cool person.

  2. lola

    Why the posters are in spanish?

  3. Majo Twilighter

    im glad Im from Mexico
    They r in Spanish because they just released the official new moon pics in Latino and South America.
    im glad ash got a twitter

  4. Mel

    I’m wondering who Ashley’s stylist is because she should be shot! Ashley’s one of the cutest girls out there and that ‘outfit’ for the VMA is so unflattering!

  5. maria

    spain is the first country where the movie is premiering. it gets in theaters november 18th! we’re so lucky to have it the firsts in the world!

  6. =?

    why Spain is the first country where the movie is premiering???? It has not sense

  7. car:

    I`m from Spain and I don’t know why is the first country… xdxd… first time we have lucky xd

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