Wish You Could Have Seen Joseph Gordon Levitt AKA #JGL In 3D? [VIDEOS]

The question that is constantly being raised by audience members and directors alike (no not Pepsi or Coke):

3D Films or the traditional 2D films?

The Amazing Spiderman was the first superhero movie shot in 3D, most are post converted. But Marvel thought to plan the movie in 3D as a cash grab. On the other side of the comic spectrum (DC), Christopher Nolan declined the idea to put the The Dark Knight Rises in 3D.

A director seems to be defending the concept of 3D is Director Rian Johnson, who worked on Brick starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He believes “3D is the future of cinema” as he shared with his followers on Tumblr. However, he argues that what we are watching now isn’t the future of cinema. He compares the concept of 3D to the introduction of color on film, saying 3D hasn’t reached its technicolor stage just yet.

He mentions in his post that respectable directors like Martin Scorsese are defending stereoscopic photography (which is creating 3D illusions). Scorsese had this to say: “It’s like seeing a moving sculpture of the actor and it’s almost like a combination of theatre and film … it immerses you in the story more.”

Johnson basically came to the conclusion that “if Scorsese’s words had been not a faulty description of what’s here but a promise of what’s to come, I would have been (to use the parlance of my 17 year old self) psyched.”

Johnson knows that this 3D concept can be executed well because of the artist Patrick Jacobs. The artist apparently used the 3D concept in his exhibits. Johnson said that it “had a profound effect” on him. Meaning, whatever this artist is doing, we should take notes and apply it to our film.

So is Rian Johnson right, will 3D be the future of film? And will cinematographers attempt to perfect the art of 3D, perhaps using Jacob’s exhibit as a template (pun intended)? Or will the gimmicky 3D movies that have now continued to dominate our theaters live on?

Needless to say 3D is continuing to influence our culture whether we like it or not, with video games even coming out with 3D features (which personally I do not get because that is bound to give you the biggest migraine ever). I continue to get headaches after I watch 3D films, so personally, I said goodbye to the 3D.

Have you kissed the 3D glasses goodbye? Or do you enjoy the cinematic experience? Let’s us know what you think!

Also, here are the only movies I’d consider watching in 3D:

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