Wise Words On Twitter, 10 Of Rev Run’s Best Tweets [PHOTOS]

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What has come out of the star's mouth?
Do you follow Rev Run on Twitter? If not, go do it RIGHT NOW! You won’t regret it. (If you do regret it, unfollowing him is just a click away.) Out of all the celebrity tweeters out there, Rev Run is definitely one to fill up his feed with words of wisdom. Some are funny, some are wake up calls, and some are just plain right truth.

He knows the right things to say (or tweet) and he does it well. Need advice about friendship? Relationships? Life? Rev Run’s twitter page is the place to go for your one stop shop for wise tweets.

He’s even put his thoughts to paper with his books Words of Wisdom and Manology (a collab with Tyrese). Pretty good reads if you ask me.

I wonder if the rest of the Simmons clan has some wise words up their sleeves. Take a look at the gallery for some inspirational tweets from Rev Run himself. Don’t forget to follow him for even more!

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