Wipe Out: Michael Jackson’s Kids Get To Be Kids In Hawaii

One year has passed since the death of Michael Jackson, but Prince Michael, 13, Paris, 12 and eight-year-old Blanket were looking like a couple of regular kids at the beach.

The kids spend the day with their grandmother Katherine Jackson on a tropical island, probably to get away from all the media and hype surrounding the anniversary.

They are believed to be travelling to the Jacksons’ hometown of Gary, Indiana, today for the actual anniversary where Katherine is expected to unveil a monument to the singer outside the home where the legendary Jackson 5 began their singing career 50 years ago. A memorial and candlelight vigil will follow, ending with the song “We Are The World.”

But fans of Michael Jackson have been left angry after they were banned from marking the first anniversary of his death at his graveside. The cemetery is, rightly so, banning fans from singing the King of Pop’s songs, carrying balloons, moonwalking near the graveyard or approaching the mausoleum – Michael’s final resting place. Bitches, this ain’t “Thriller.” Have some respect.

Flowers will be allowed to be left near his burial site and no limits have been placed on the number of people who wish to pay their respects.