Winona Ryder Shows off the Girls

March 22nd, 2007 // 13 Comments

Winona Ryder displayed some ample cleavage on the set of her new film ‘The Last Word’ shooting in Downtown Los Angeles. I have to say I am impressed. Are they new? I don’t ever remember her being so busty?


By Jessica Marx

  1. sneaksy

    Check out Reality Bites. When she’s in the white doily dress, she’s braless and there was plenty to bounce around. It actually looks like it hurts.

  2. Grace

    Winona has ALWAYS been busty.

  3. Tyler

    She always had the most beautiful boobs. I’m glad to see them back.
    Maybe you’re too young? She hasn’t been around for a while!

  4. Sam

    Check out the version of Dracula featuring Ms. Ryder. Apparently F.F. Coppola was rather enamored with heaving bosoms, particularly hers, they get almost as much screen time as Keanu.

  5. SammySushi

    Shows OFF the girls…not OF the girls

  6. Bird

    She’s always reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor.

    A very petite, busty pale beauty.

    She needs to get started if she’s going to marry as much as Miss Taylor though.

  7. Otto

    She had always had an envious rack but she didn’t used to wear bras.. so you couldn’t really tell. (re: Girl Interrupted)

  8. Lori

    She probably has a stolen Gucci bag, some scarves, a couple of stolen sunglasses and a borrito hidden in that cleavage. Her career is so boring now that she has to draw attention to something.

  9. Tim

    She’s lovely i love her with all my heart.

  10. Tony Trimm

    How dare you accuse my wife of stealing… You should be ashamed!

  11. Weop

    she’s sooo dreamy

  12. aakash

    i just wanna say

  13. Average Jane

    They are real and they are perfect.

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