Winona Ryder and Robert Trujillo

January 30th, 2006 // 22 Comments

Winona Ryder has always had a soft spot for rock stars, and it looks as if she loves playing the part as well. The hook up was due to Metallica regrouping for her new film The Darwin Awards, co-starring Joseph Fiennes and Wilmer Valderrama.

The cast members from the movie watched Metallica’s hour long performance, but one cast member who wasn’t there was actor Chris Penn, who was found dead earlier in the week.

Metallica singer James Hetfield made mention of Penn saying “He could not physically be with us, but his spirit is here.”

In a bizarre twist, the movie is about people who accidentally kill themselves in really stupid ways.

More photos of Winona Ryder and Robert Trujillo after the jump.

(Images via Oh No They Didn’t)

Metallica Plays Sundance [Undercover]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Katie

    What the hell happened to Winona? She looks AWFUL and she’s going BALD!

  2. lil miss p

    she looks TERRIBLE!!! bony, bug eyed, paler than sin…seriously!

  3. Xaa

    Skinny McPaleboobs needs to keep her hands off of Robbie Tru… seriously. Go skank on some 20-something one-hit wonder, girl. Leave the good ones alone.

  4. John

    Winona looks great.Eat your hearts out.

  5. Tina

    The most beautiful and intelligent person on the planet. She’s also very cool.

  6. Sharon

    Great actress, lovely babe and kind-hearted personality.

  7. Coil

    Katie,lil miss p and Xaa your comments for Winona Ryder do nothing else but point out the lack of seriousness this site bears.A bunch of silly kids guided by everything else but mind.

  8. Livestrong

    You stupid little girls,you believe that there’s an affair between them?Metallica performed at Sundance,at the darwin awards party,her new movie.Please,get a life.

  9. Joyce

    I must say, Winona Ryder and the words ‘awful and terrible’ should NEVER be associated. If you think Winona is ugly, then you are very-much out of your mind.

  10. Dungan

    Kudos joyce.

  11. Blog

    There also were pics of Trujillo and Valderrama.Do you think they are having an affair too?

  12. Lisahoffa

    Winona Ryder looks disgusting!!!!@#! The way she cried croc tears at the premiere for her crap comeback movie made some feel sick. . . .there she was boasting about knowing Chris Penn since she was fifteen and what a great guy he was. . . nothing about how Hollywood has to clean up or how she couldve called him to see how he was doing all the years he was getting worse. Winona Ryder is part of the problem. Coked out shoplifting medicated trash.

  13. aqua regis

    Lissahoffa,the new moralistic brick.HEAR,HEAR.

  14. goller

    Save your breath Lisahoffa,you are not making an impression.

  15. Cephas

    Winona Ryder is part of the problem?I think your mind is your major problem.

  16. Tristan

    Crawl back into your cave Lisahoffa.

  17. Hayden

    She’s somewhat eccentric and has a way of blending sexiness and innocence that simply makes her special.And let’s not forget her impressive movie career.Simply the best.

  18. Astral

    Lisahoffa what a glib and ridiculous attack.Pathetic troll.

  19. Sugar

    Winona looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. George

    discerning and thoughtful career choices.i want to see more in the future.

  21. Kerry

    Those who often speak highly of morals are those who often lack them.Do you undestand Lisahoffa?

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