Winona Ryder Is Expressive, Chris Evans Is Sizzling At ‘The Iceman’ In Toronto [PHOTOS]

Chris Evans Shows Skin
Chris Evans shows off his Captain America body.
The cast of The Iceman celebrated the premiere of their film as well as attending the photocall and press conference during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival at the Princess of Wales Theatre yesterday (September 10, 2012) in Toronto, Canada.

During the press conference, and even on the red carpet at the premiere, Winona Ryder showed off a myriad of facial expressions. Just in case you forgot that she’s an actress. While Chris Evans showed off a few himself.

The film is about real-life hitman Richard Kuklinski (Michael Shannon) who claimed to have killed 100 or more people before dying under mysterious circumstances in the prison wing of a hospital.

A couple of reporters at a film festival press conference essentially asked Ryder, what happened and why hasn’t she worked more in recent years. One questioner said his teenage children know her only from Beetlejuice.

Here’s what Winona had to say about that. 

“I feel very blessed, actually, because I feel like Tim Burton kind of gave me a career with Beetlejuice because I don’t know if Hollywood would have known what the hell to do with me. I wasn’t very pretty and I sort of was going through my adolescence and so that film was very groundbreaking and also very successful, and that led to some other things.”

She added, “It’s not like, when I’m not on screen, I’m up like Norma Desmond, with my monkey and my director as my butler, you know, with a crazy cigarette holder.” Ryder said that she has a life she’s active and engaged in.

Winona needs to act more. I miss her.