Wilmer Valderrama Takes it to the Mike

June 13th, 2007 // 5 Comments

A singer he is not. Wilmer took the mic at the season three kick off of ‘Yo Momma’ at Pure Nightclub inside Caesars Palace. You can try and dicipher what he was singing by viewing the video at TMZ.

By Jessica Marx

  1. FunMe

    A singer he is not.

    Getting fat with alcohol and ugly with a beard. He is.

  2. big fan yo!

    who’s the dork?

  3. punkin'

    WV, he has a little wee-wee! Hee Hee!!!

  4. ds

    who is this putz????????????

  5. fsf

    Word on the sreet is that Wilmera is afancy boy and prefers it up the arse!

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