Wilmer Valderrama Is Hung?

Or so he’s claiming. Yawn. So is that why he only bed’s teenage starlets? Highly doubtful.

Howard asked Wilmer if he’s got a huge penis or something. Wilmer said that he has been blessed. He said he does have a big penis and has more than 8 inches. He said that he’s actually cursed with that. ” “Howard asked Wilmer if Lindsay was anorexic when he was dating her. He said that she lost the weight after they dated so she wasn’t like that when he was with her. Howard asked her if she had the bright red hair down below. Wilmer said that she didn’t have any hair down there and she really pampered herself. He said that she was one of the best girls that he’s had in bed too.”

“Howard asked him if he’s ever had two chicks at the same time. Wilmer said he would never lie to his fans… yes, he has had two women at the same time. “

He also claimed he took Mandy Moore’s cherry. Nice.

(via MarksFriggin.com)