Wilmer Valderrama Is Hung?

March 28th, 2006 // 17 Comments

Or so he’s claiming. Yawn. So is that why he only bed’s teenage starlets? Highly doubtful.

Howard asked Wilmer if he’s got a huge penis or something. Wilmer said that he has been blessed. He said he does have a big penis and has more than 8 inches. He said that he’s actually cursed with that. ” “Howard asked Wilmer if Lindsay was anorexic when he was dating her. He said that she lost the weight after they dated so she wasn’t like that when he was with her. Howard asked her if she had the bright red hair down below. Wilmer said that she didn’t have any hair down there and she really pampered herself. He said that she was one of the best girls that he’s had in bed too.”

“Howard asked him if he’s ever had two chicks at the same time. Wilmer said he would never lie to his fans… yes, he has had two women at the same time. “

He also claimed he took Mandy Moore‘s cherry. Nice.

(via MarksFriggin.com)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    Thats a bunch of bullshit !! I listen to the Howard Stern show and Wilmer said nothing like that. Who the hell writes these bogus stories. Wilmer said he was kidding .. one more time he was only kidding .. one last time guys HE WAS KIDDING !!! however, he was not kidding about his huge u .. kno..what :)

  2. I agree Tia! I listened to the Stern show too, and they completely took his comments out of context! He was super honest and open, and did not say anything disrespectful about any of those girls! Ugh.

  3. lola

    And why do we even care what this loser has to say?

  4. IndicaGirl

    Sorry – I heard W.V. on the Stern show yesterday…and just like evryone else that goes on there – he was trying to impress Howard and look like big shit! He even said a few times, “I’m such a fan – I’m so star struck!”. Are we to believe that he was “kidding” about the girls but of course “truthful” about his parts? That may be a bit more wishful thinking on the ladies parts around here, you know…Hello?? We know half of these stories are true as admitted by both parties already!! He told everyone business – he fucked Mandy Moore (virgin), Lindsay Lohan (virgin), Ashley Simpson (so not a virgin) and admitted Ash was no good in bed but was a screamer – hmmm…Yuck? Aslo had “relations” with Jessica Alba, Little girl from Jurassic Park, Rosario Dawson, Tara Reid, and on and on!
    The funny part was that they were asking him if he was TRYING to screw every horrible pop chick singer in the world (“Where did you go – the NO talent show??”) and he just laughed on and said, “Yeah, seems like it, huh”. Blah…He should have saved it all for a book!! He really had some good stories…especially the part where he swipes their virginity! Priceless…

  5. Woah, Indicagirl, were we hearing the same show?? he never said Lydsay was a virgin, and never admitted to sleeping, only dating, ashlee simpson… he also said that he never dated, kissed, or had sex w/jessica alba… even rosario dawson, he only said “you know, she’s in a great relationship now…” and didn’t say much afterwards. And where did you even hear about Tara Reid??

  6. TOOOOO much information… Nobody, and I mean NOBODY wanted to know about that!!

  7. LuxLaRue

    Hell honey, I did!! Come on Big Will (no pun intended), give us all the sorted details!!

  8. Do you notice something? Jared Leto has dated most of the womwen wilma has done. Or maybe It is just HOHAN

  9. Nicky

    O come on, you guys know that any trashy dirt you can find out on all these horrible celebs is someting put to good humor. You laugh about it. It’s funny. So, what? I don’t see the appeal in this guy Wilmer anyway. I think his face is ugly and his way of speaking is so retarded. He sounds like a boy. What is he, a whore to all the female celebs? Such a male slut. I don’t get it. Well endowed? I dont care if you’re well endowed, ur butt frickin ugly and have a weird way of talking. Imagine this guy moaning in bed. Ugh! Thas nasty! He has that mousy voice. Maybe he’s just a loving guy, unlike these other selfish bastard actors who are too self absorbed.

  10. Books

    How he gets so many girls is a mystery to me – he’s nasty, and from this article, has NO class. So tacky to talk about Mandy Moore that way – I think I read that they were together for a long time, not just messing around like those other ones he mentions.

  11. las

    If I were one of those girls, I’d roast his backside for it, and make him look as nasty as he sounds.

    Although I wonder if saying Ashlee was loud in bed meant that she sang “you make me wanna LA LA!” to him.

  12. whoop

    Wilmer is sooooooo lying…

  13. las

    He probably is, about at least a few things. I mean, he could not be trying harder to make himself look like a super-hot sex machine if he had “I AM A SUPERSTUD!” tatted on his face.

  14. Tapemeasure

    You always subtract two inches from whatever a man says his length is. Wilma is average, at best.

  15. Tim Williamson

    In all honesty he is hung and BI-Sexual, he loves guys giving him head at parties.

  16. liar liar

    Did you ever hear of the TLC song “Girls talk”
    Trust me all men lie about their conquests and those that go around bragging about them are the equivalent to a manwhore.
    Wilmer- Only a girl can tell you if you are good in the sack jackass.
    He is not even that good lookin. yuch…

  17. b

    mandy is a slut with doing it with wilmer

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