Wilmer Valderrama Works On His Fitness In Miami [PHOTOS]

Wilmer Valderrama
The star went shirtless in Miami in 2009.
Wilmer Valderrama worked on his fitness while down in Miami, Florida yesterday (December 27th), running with his trainer and doing push-ups to keep the holiday weight at bay.

Valderrama is on the board of advisors at This Shirt Helps, a clothing range designed towards giving back. The former television star told People (via ContactMusic), “We made it very simple because we don’t like wearing crazy brands and wearing big names across our chests or anything like that.

“Eventually the shirt will have a nice, really effortless, simple branding that you’ll recognize among the people who have helped. So if you don’t know what that symbol means, then you haven’t necessarily been a part of it. If you really want to help, if it’s really within your heart to help.”