Wilmer Valderrama Takes The Ram By The Horns [PHOTOS]

Actor Wilmer Valderrama Stride kicked off the new Be Ridiculously Long Lasting campaign with the first ever ‘Running with the Rams’ event in Times Square today.

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Along with doing promotional work for Stride, the newly single actor is gearing up to shoot a guest stint on the series Royal Pains.

“I haven’t done television in a long time,” the former That 70s Show star told am New York at the Stride gum’s Be Ridiculously Long Lasting campaign. “I’m really stoked … I love New York City, man, so I am really excited to be here.”

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Although Valderrama, 31, was reluctant to spill details surrounding his Royal Pains art-dealer character, Eric, he did reveal that “it’s something you’ve never seen me play before.”