Wilmer Valderrama Strolls Miami Beach Shirtless, Subject Of Twitter Drama For Demi Lovato [PHOTO]

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32-year-old Wilmer Valderrama still exists apparently and has been spotted a few times in the past few months shirtless. Even though he hasn’t been on the radar, he still manages to keep up a decent looking bod and has developed a lasting friendship with 20-year-old Demi Lovato. According to Entertainment Wise, Demi tweeted about their recent relationship and the message was hugely misinterpreted.

“I don’t get how people get “stories” from very vague Twitter posts… about friendship?” Lovato Tweeted.

Luckily, the rumor mill wasn’t able to break Lovato’s stride. Fans begged her to give Twitter another chance even though she is taking a short break. Seen here, Wilmer Valderrama chats on his cellphone as he strolls shirtless in his swim trunks along the beach in Miami on January 7th. Remember when Lindsay Lohan was desperately in love with this douche bag and her face wasn’t full of filler? My how the seasons have changed!