William Receives A Baby Gift, Kate’s Hair Gets Swept Away On Cambridge Visit [PHOTOS]

Will & Kate's Engagement
To celebrate, A Sweet Design made cupcakes for SL!
Kate's Famous Route
Will and Kate retraced their wedding route in London.
Kate & Wills
The newlyweds made their way across the palace lawn.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hopped on the train and King’s Cross in London for a ride out to Cambridge today (November 28th), where took on a full day of royal duties.  This is the first time William and Catherine have visited Cambridge, after receiving their Dukedom title from Queen Elizabeth on their wedding day.

Catherine, sporting her new hair do, wore MaxMara’s “Belli” coat with brown suede Aquatalia boots and a brown Emmy Scarterfield clutch while greeting well wishers on a walkabout.

“I told her I loved her new hair style,” Joanne Baldwin told the Daily Mail.  “She said: ‘I’m not sure about it. It’s a bit windy today.’ I said don’t worry, it looks lovely.”

The Duke and Duchess waved to crowds from the balcony of the Guildhall, already decorated with lights for the holiday season.

Samantha Hill, a new mom who was able to meet Prince William during the couple’s walkabout, gifted him with a little onesie that said “Daddy’s Little Co-Pilot.” 

“I made it for when his little one comes along, he’s a helicopter pilot so his baby will think his daddy is cool.

“When I gave it to him he said ‘I’ll keep that’ and handed it to his aide.”

William then made a speech at Cambridge University’s Senate.  The couple stopped for lunch at a pub, then visited Jimmy’s homeless shelter, where an Italian chef kissed Catherine’s hand and told her how beautiful she was.

“Oh, you’ve made me blush!” Catherine said with delight.  She also ran into a her cousin, Dr. Penny Barton at the Senate.

“The family is terribly thrilled and very very proud because we think she does a good job,” Barton said of Catherine.  “It’s not easy walking about talking to lots of people and being genuinely interested in who she meets.”