William Levy Takes His Telenovela Charm To The Grove [PHOTOS]

William Levy is doing a press tour to cover up all the bad publicity that’s come his way as of late.  Between rumors that he broke up Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s marriage and accusations surrounding an underage sex scandal, the telenovela hunk and co-star of JLo’s “I’m Into You” music video is making sure that America still likes him.  I don’t know about like, but he’s certainly easy on the eyes.

PHOTOS: Shirtless Photos Of William Levy From “I’m Into You”

Yesterday, Levy sat down with Entertainment Tonight and insisted that he doesn’t like “breaking up families” and that he had nothing to do with the infamous split.  “When I heard these rumors, right away I went out because as long as I have known her, she didn’t seem like the kind of girl that would do something like that,” the “Cuban Brad Pitt” said.  Levy stopped by Extra at The Grove today, probs to give host Mario Lopez the same song-and-dance.