William Levy Takes His Son As His Date To The 2014 Premio Lo Nuestro

Shirtless William Levy
27 photos of the telenovela star.
As if having William Levy on the red carpet couldn’t get any better, the star one-upped even himself last night as he brought his son Christopher as his date to the 2014 Premio Lo Nuestro.

William was the host of last night’s festivities, which is good news for the world because we get to stare at him.

You know, not that I don’t love him a suit, but too bad he wasn’t shirtless. Although if William has it his way, he might not be shirtless again. 

According to reports, William thinks he’s too old to continue posing shirtless. What? William! You’re only 33. You’ve got at least another 40 years of posing shirtless before someone even thinks about asking you to stop. Hopefully this is all just a ploy to get us to want more.

Well William, your fans will always be here. And that is clearly something he knows. I might have taken French in high school, but even I can make out the love coming from him in this Tweet.

Readers who actually speak Spanish, would you be so kind as to translate this properly in the comments? I got the gist of it from Google translate, but trust me, it is not the best translation.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of William and his son on the red carpet! Men in tuxes get me every time.