William Levy Leaves Mastro’s Steakhouse With Girlfriend Elizabeth Gutierrez [PHOTOS]

Shirtless William Levy
27 photos of the telenovela star.
William Levy is having trouble with the jive, it appears.  For someone who’s been riding the wave of success on Dancing With The Stars, this is a tough pill to swallow.  According to the Examiner, “taller dancers in general have issues with the jive, as it causes them to stretch their bodies in ways that feel more than a little bit unnatural.”

However, Levy’s partner, Cheryl Burke tweeted Saturday that they were moving mountains in rehearsal.  “Had a breakthrough in the Jive today. Proud of u @willylevy29!! ;)”

Levy was grateful to Burke , tweeting “thank u so much for everything!!! Finally I’m starting to get the hand of this fricking Dance!! MAN!!! I’m sooo frustrated!!!!!”

Levy and girlfriend Elizabeth Gutierrez were seen leaving Mastro’s restaurant in Beverly Hills Saturday night (April 7th) after dining with friends.