William Levy Keeps His Muscles Dry, Still A ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Contender [PHOTOS]

August 13th, 2012 // 6 Comments

Dancing With The Stars star and actor, William Levy ,commands the stage in the celebrity series, but can he take on the heat as contreversial character and deliciously sexy, Christian Grey in the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Film?

The star was spotted yesterday (August 12) under shade to keep from the rain while waiting for valet to deliver his car. The star showed support for his Miami Marlins baseball team as he wore the construction-site-orange cap and grey loose sweatpants.

It wasn’t until the actor himself began reading the famed series that he discovered this Grey character and what it was that all his female fans were oogling about, and surely fans saw potential in him as the lead role in the sexually-charged series.

“You know if the opportunity comes for me to play this role I would play it. I would love to do it.” said Levy.

As for his real life romance, Levy’s relationship is said to be on the cusp of marriage to longtime girlfriend and actress, Elizabeth Gutierrez. The two reportedly met on the set of Protagonistas, a reality show and have since been an item. The couple have a small family together with their children Christopher and Kailey.

“Now I know how you [female fans] are! It has been fun and it’s a great book, people are loving it. Girls are loving it.” added Levy.

This hot Cuban hunk is projected to play the lead character in  Tyler Perry‘s latest film which is slated to be going into production starting in September.

Is William Levy your Christian Grey pick? Sound off your comments below!

Launch the gallery to see the sexy hunk showing off his muscular triceps in Miami!

By Sila Manahane

  1. Michelle

    William Levy definitely needs to play Christian Grey! He would be perfect for the role, because he is so hot and he is so pretty to look at!!!!

  2. Dana

    William Levy would be great at playing Christian Grey but not just because he is hot, handsome and a great actor. He is very sexy and there is something about his eyes, the sweetness in his smile, his presence on screen that’s mesmerizing. He is beyond sexy; He’s spellbinding in the love scenes I’ve seen him act in.

  3. Wiiliam Levy would be the perfect guy to play the role of Christian Grey.I have read all three books and Mr.Levy fits the description of how Christian Grey is discribe in the book,his body is perfectly fit,and not to mention he is absolutely gorgeous and sexy.I have watch two of his soap operas,and the Love and Steamy Sex scene he has played are pretty good.I can really see him playing the the role of Christian Grey.I also think you would have a lot of young ladies including older watching him.He was a very huge hit with Dancing With the Stars and I think it will be a much bigger hit with William Levy most definitely plays the role of Mr.Grey.He is already saying he wouldn’t mind playing the role, so might as well let him be the Hot Sexy Christian Grey!!!!!!!!!!!!;))))))))

  4. Carol Lauret

    William Levy is an excellent choice for the role of Christian Grey! He is the correct age, handsome, well built, and has experience playing roles involving romance! Not to mention he has a natural dancing ability which will add so much to the movie too! Ladies, young and old, are mesmerized by him, since he is such a sincere, humble person at heart, but yet is never ending “eye candy.” He’s a seriously hard working young man, who focuses on his work and takes nothing for granted. Being a fine person that is very grounded, he will be liked by the male audience too. There’s nothing not to like about William Levy!!!! Producers and the director of Christian Grey will have made the perfect choice, when they choose William Levy to be Christian Grey. Remember how William made Dancing With the Stars’ last season their best yet…….he’d make Shades of Grey undeniably, a sensation!!! Audiences would want to see the film over and over!!!!

  5. Terrie007/Latheas

    William Levy is Christian Grey

    William Levy is a very incredibly good-looking, attractive, and sexy man.  This Beautiful man is the epitome of male beauty and embodies the complete fantasy male lead role and essence that is Christian Grey.   

    In the romantic fantasy story of  Fifty Shades of Grey, William Levy is the Perfect fit as the Unknown actor to not only bring the romance story to life, but to bring a very sexy movie to life portraying a sensual, intensely dominant, sexy man of many shades that is Christian Grey. 

    William Levy is Christian Grey

  6. Izzie

    William Levy it’s very attractive, sexy man. But as an actor he is awful, not a very good one. If it was about all his look would fit the role but in personal opinion I would like to see not only a sexy, attractive, good looking man but also someone who can act because I’ve seen it acting so many times and he’s not good at all. :-(

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