William And Harry Carry On Diana’s Work Through AIDs Charity, Catherine Brings Cheer To Wales

Today, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry posted a message on their site in support of the Terrence Higgins Trust, set up 30 years ago in memory of one of the first UK citizens to die from AIDs.

“Our generation has never known a world without HIV,” William and Harry wrote.  “We have grown up knowing of the devastating impact this virus has on lives, on families, on communities. We know, too, that HIV can be treated and the lives of sufferers extended by many years. However, there is still a stigma which blights sufferers of the disease, even today.”

The late Princess of Wales was an ardent supporter in the fight against AIDs, famously shaking hands and hugging afflicted patients when it was widely assumed that one could contract the virus simply through human contact.  According to Hello!, Prince Charles donated blood during a visit to Middlesex Hospital’s AIDS ward in 1987 at a time when people stopped donating.

“The fight against HIV started 30 years ago. Our generation must pick up the sword and continue the fight,” the heartfelt message continues.  “There is still no cure or vaccine. However, we know it is possible to prevent HIV from spreading further in the future. Terrence Higgins Trust will be to the fore in this, and for that reason, and because our mother believed so passionately in the work of the Trust, we wholeheartedly congratulate you on thirty years of selfless service to others.” 

On Saturday (November 24th), William and the Duchess of Cambridge attended the Autumn International rugby match between Wales and New Zealand at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.  The couple met supporters and beneficiares of the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust, set up to assist players injured in the sport.

Catherine wore her red LK Bennett wool/nylon blend”Ami” coat, the same look we saw on Her Royal Highness at the UNICEF emergency supply center in Denmark last November.  Catherine paired that with with Aquatalia “Rumba Boots,” a red Gucci canvas horsebit purse and Catherine Zoraida Double Leaf earrings (via What Kate Wore and My Small Obsessions).

Philip Harris, who is partially paralyzed as a result of the game, told the Daily Mail that William and Catherine’s appearance at the match really boosted the trust.  “The Duke was very inquisitive, he was very caring and interested in all of us here today.

He is dedicated to this great cause, he’s shown that today. To get somebody of his stature to support us is incredible.”

Tomorrow, Catherine will open the new “Treasures” gallery at the Natural History Museum in London, according to Clarence House’s diary.  On November 30th, she will take a trip back to her old stomping grounds.

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