Will Suri Cruise Ever Walk In Her Toddler Heels By Herself?

At the NYC premiere of Katie Holmes’ new movie The Extra Man last night, the actress talked about (surprise!) darling daughter Suri Cruise, who seems to be surgically attached to her hip! Seriously, it’s rare to see the girl walking on her own and she’s four years old! That is, unless she’s strutting around in her high heels.

Katie affirmed that she doesn’t let little Suri leave her side and that she always takes her to work.

“I bring my daughter with me and we just are — we’re just busy and we make it work,” Katie said, “It’s fun.” Watch the rest of Katie’s robotic interview after the jump.

The film is out July 30– let’s hope people don’t find Katie to be as much of a creeper as husband Tom Cruise, whose new movie has turned out to be a flop.