Will Smith Wants To Create Classroom Of The Future

January 9th, 2008 // 5 Comments

“I Am Legend” megastar Will Smith says that one of his dreams as a kid was to create a fully computerized classroom for students. Did you know he was accepted to MIT? That’s what this report said. Damn, Fresh Prince. What aren’t you good at? Well, dancing and rapping. About his future perfect classroom idea, Will says “You could come in and take roll call with fingerprints and then there’d be a keyboard built into the desk and as the teachers talked, their words would come up on a computerized board.” Will says he might still try to put that plan into action, and that he’s always “loved the idea of connecting technology and education”. Frankly, I think it sounds a little Orwellian with the fingerprint deal and Will was obviously some kind of mouth-breather back then who never wanted to cut class. But he’s now a millionaire and I’m sitting in a bowl chair littered with cereal crumbs in an attic apartment. I probably shouldn’t mock his hustle.

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Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. jeneria

    Yeah, and L Ron Hubbard was a nuclear physicist.

  2. jeneria

    Yeah, and L Ron Hubbard was a nuclear physicist.

  3. haha, he is so cool, I saw someone who looks like him on casualpal.com

  4. kitt

    Technology and education is hardly a novel concept. Next thing you know, you guys will name him as the innovator of this concept, kinda like Al Gore and the internet. Too much.

  5. Yeah

    Of course he got into MIT. Sure it wasn’t based on hard work. It was more about the money and celeb status. That’s how most stars get into Harvard and Yale, etc.

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