Will Smith Assures His Fans He’s No Hilter Lover

December 27th, 2007 // 9 Comments

After making the following statement about Hitler, “Even Hitler didn’t wake up going, ‘Let me do the most evil thing I can do today.’ I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was ‘good,’” Will Smith has apologized. His apology, the second major one he’s made recently, came amidst an outcry from the Anti-Defamation League and his own personal frustration that his sentiment was misinterpreted due to the lack of context. The ADL has since accepted his apology by stating, “We would have expected no less from a celebrity of his standing.” Lord, I can only imagine how many apology letters I’d have to write if people actually knew who I was and listened to half of the crap I’m spewing. I actually once said that I hated babies. Why? Just because I don’t trust anyone without a fully-formed head. Nothing’s off-limits with me! I’m edgy, wild and out-of-control!

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Bird

    Hitler was one of the worst human beings this world has ever seen, but I could still see where Will was coming from. He didn’t say Hitler was good and that he did wonderful things. Of course Hitler thought he was doing good; that’s why he did all of those heinous things. I’m sure Will just thought that he didn’t have to qualify the statement with, “but he was horrible.” That is pretty obvious to everyone. I feel really bad for him that he got caught up in all of this.

  2. Sprinkles

    amen bird.

  3. ella

    Agreed, Bird.

  4. Chaz

    Since Smith’s original comment clearly stated that he regarded Hitler as “twisted,” I’m not sure what there was to apologize for. You shouldn’t have to say I’m sorry based on the misinterpretation of the dumbest person who might possibly hear any comment of yours.

  5. skeev

    Will has nothing to aplogise for ..anyone wil any sense could understand what he meant – that the villians of the world to set out to do evil as such and not thinking themselves as evil…much like BUSH thinks hes doing the right thing.

    Anyone who wished to twist his words into something to use against him is an idiot.

  6. skeev

    By the way at this website can change the statement from “The ADL has since accepted his apology…” to what really happened

    “ADL Accepts Actor Will Smith’s Clarification on Hitler Remark”

    Please don’t join the band of idiot reporters out there and link to other idiots who only wanted to find dirt or bad mouth people in any way that will stick for fun and headlines – changing the odd word if it doesnt fit it with your agenda.

    of course if you actually change it or retrack it later it doesnt matter as long as you say sorry we were wrong..right? my goof ! im just a wacky crazy guy me…!

    What Will said was insiteful, and a statement of fact so of course it was lost to a lot of people…

  7. chrissy

    what a load of bollocks!! he shouldn’t have had to apologised. ANTI-DEFAMTION-LEAGUE????? is that only in America???

  8. chrissy

    what a load of bollocks!! he shouldn’t have had to apologised. ANTI-DEFAMTION-LEAGUE????? is that only in America???

  9. SmartEE

    What he said is just a variation of the quote from Anne Frank that “All people are born good inside”. The context he said it in was stupid and he could have provided a much better example or said it in a different way like “Don’t get me wrong, I hate that murderous twisted demonic turd bag Hitler. . . catch my drift?

    Is anyone else sick of the media accusing celebrities of racism and bigotry? I mean if it were obvious they were haters, let’s hate, but come on. . . Will Smith?

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