Will Robert Pattison Be Simon Cowell’s Next Pop Star?

Simon Cowell is the latest to hope on the benefit for Haiti bandwagon and banding together a bunch of A list singers to create a remake of R.E.M’s “Everbody Hurts” to raise funds for the fallen country. He has already brought on board funny lady Mariah Carey, his X factor find Leona Lewis, Miley Cyrus, and Michael Buble and now he has his sights set on the singing talents of…Robert Pattison

The actor took on the non-musical role of contributing host for George Clooney’s Hope For Haiti concert, but the American Idol judge sees something more for Pattison. The upcoming Bel Ami star did actually contribute to Twilight’s soundtrack and sang in his role as a musician in the film How To Be. Sources are saying that Pattison takes his music seriously and isn’t sure signing on with Simon, the pop star maker, is the right move. Plus if he signs on for Water for Elephants, I wonder if he’ll have time.

Even if we don’t hear him sing, we can enjoy some more outtake pictures of the Twilight actor from his Entertainment Weekly shoot.