Will Oscar Tame Heath Ledger?

January 10th, 2006 // 2 Comments

Maybe Oscar won’t tame Heath, but I have a feeling that his M&M’s will.

Ledger is known for his distaste of the paparazzi, but has told journalists that his temper tantrums, which include acts such as throwing eggs at photographers, giving them the finger and generally hurling abuse would become a thing of the past.

Reporters speculate that the announcement comes as Ledger wallows in his role as a father to his and girlfriend Michelle Williams’ new daughter, Matilda.

“I’m trying to get by back here and live a nice polite life with my family,” he told the Melbourne Herald Sun.

“I’m learning to deal with it a bit better, I think I am,” he said.

“I can admit it’s a little out of line to pull the finger out and I’m trying not to do that any more. I’m trying to bite my finger these days.”

Ledger said his new family meant much more to him than the Academy Award: “It’s funny when you have a beautiful new child and your life takes on such a different meaning. Those sort of things don’t matter so much,” he said.

Ledger says he’ll stop being a brat [iafrica.com]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. QueenB

    Can he be cloned? I love me some Heath. After Michelle of course.

  2. netty

    Nooo, he’s mine!!

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