Will ‘MacGruber’ Be Any Good?

Despite the fact that it looks horrible in the trailer, MacGruber  received “solid buzz” at it’s premiere last night (May 19) in New York City. Even so, some are wondering if a decent SNL movie can overcome the stigma left by so many many bad ones to draw in viewers. On behalf of for Ryan Phillippe advocates we hope that it does.

Speaking of, Phillippe looked pretty adorable on the red carpet with a little open shirt action. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who is not anywhere in the long list of cast, brought a similar look and seems to be there for fun and support. Remember when Val Kilmer was hot like that? Kristen Wiig showed some hotness in a black jumpsuit and smokey eyes and the star, Will Forte, looked polished and excited. Both comedians look as laid back as Phillippe describes them.