Have We Seen the Last of Captain Jack Sparrow?

Here are the “Pirates of the Caribbean” boys at the Tokyo press conference to promote the film. I’m loving the crazy outfit contest that seems to be going on between Yun-Fat Chow and Johnny Depp. Before the press conference, Johnny said that he’d be interested in continuing to play the Jack Sparrow character in the future, but knows better than to hold his breath.

“There was always that potential that each of us would have to say goodbye to the character,” Depp said. “But if it is over, which one never knows, Captain Jack will always be with me.”

And with me, Johnny, for I’ve had him tattooed on my back. OMG, totally kidding! I’m not that obsessed with Johnny Depp! Am I being too adamant? Can you see right through me and my too much protesting? That’s why I love you. You see right through me.


More photos from the “Pirates” press conference in Tokyo after the jump.


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