Will Hollywood Marriages Ever Last?

July 28th, 2005 // 12 Comments

Probably not. I mean, if Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston couldn’t last, then who the hell can? It’s looking as if two newly married couples are on the possible brink of destruction. It seems as if the odd coupling of Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney is in crisis. The couple is said to be arguing frequently.

The beautiful actress is reportedly worried Kenny is too controlling and has told pals they were “practically strangers” on their wedding day.

A source revealed: “Renee had never even see him lose his temper before the wedding, but now they’re married he seems to think he can tell her what to do. “He doesn’t like her hanging out with friends and wants to get her away from LA.

“When she tried to redecorate their new home in Connecticut he put his foot down and said it was too expensive and a waste of money. She just didn’t realise how different they were until after the wedding Renee is going to ask Kenny to try marriage counselling before throwing in the towel.”

Where to even begin with this one…This is what you get when you only date for four months prior to marriage. Especially when it’s a rebound thing.

Next up are the darlings of the WB, Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush (thankfully not one of the G.W. Bush daughters).

A Lowdown spy reports: “The marriage is all but done. They are separated, and she is going to file for divorce imminently.” Rumors have been swirling about Murray’s allegedly naughty behavior in L.A. while the missus was out of town filming “Stay Alive,” a teen horror flick.

What will this devastating canoodling do to the future of One Tree Hill? Well, if Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan can still work together, anyone can.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ma

    hello???? Whoever thinks that they know someone after only four months may be missing some brain cells. . God these people make me sick.

  2. how-do

    Chad Michael Murry has always looked a bit mongoloid to me. Maybe it’s that squinty “acting” style of his.

  3. how-do

    Oh yeah, and maybe Renee’s marriage isn’t working so well b/c Kenny is a big homo!

  4. B.

    And Kenny’s just creepy. Never trust a man who always has to wear a huge hat to hide his insect-like face.

  5. moxie crimefighter

    Renee Zellwegger Chesey has a scrunched up chipmunk face and is def NOT beautiful. She married Chesney on the rebound so no big surprise they’ll probably be divorced within a year.

  6. ella

    Plus, the squinty eyed loser was banging Paris before and after he married Sofia…..and I know this is true because it came from Page Six (hahaha)

  7. Jocelyn

    CMM and Sophia never seemed like a genuine couple anyway. They were always seen by me as a contrived, made for TV type of couple who married to boost their show’s rating and to further their careers. Dude lives in Wilmington, NC, not far from me, and he’s in the downtown clubs ALL THE TIME, flirting and kissing various girls. This was shortly after he returned from his “honeymoon”. WHATEVER….

  8. Alicia

    Dont yall diss Kenny…he is a hottie…and could have done way better than Renee! All I got to say is he married the wrong Texan…I would be way better for him! ;)

    I thought CMM and Sofia were cute together but it was obvious they wouldnt last…then again, who really does last in Hollywood?

  9. None of Your Business

    I agree. Who does last in Holywood? But maybe you shouldn’t judge, take a look at yourselves, you could be doing something better with your time than examining other people’s personal lives. The only reason I’m here posting this, is because I was curious to know who CMM was married to. Then I saw all of your entries. Get a life! But hey, I guess I’m judging too. Maybe some or all of you do have lives. Well that’s all I’ve got.

  10. Jessi Jean

    ha excuuuse me. kenny is an amazing artist, and not to mention, a total babe. he wears that hat because it shows where he’s from. maybe he and renée thought they knew eachother. big deal. this is hollywood. if they want to marry someone after knowing them for 4 months, then let them. this is their problem

    and kenny does not have an ”insect-like face”

  11. Turtle333

    Well, 1st of all, I don’t think any of us know what really goes on in any of these people’s lives. I mean how reliable are the sources that we use to find out this info? No one really knows the truth except the people that actually live those lives. As far as CMM and SB, who care why they got married or how long the marriage was, we don’t know jack about it so we can’t judge. Divorce is sad either way, and it sucks that they couldn’t make it work.

  12. kirsty ferguson

    hi chad i absolutely adore you i hope you o read this. I love you you are the ebst actor in the whole intire world. I watched hosue of wax the other day and oh my god i cannot stop watching it one day i was round me dad i watched it 4 times all in a row coz you look so fit in it. You look better with bold head well ot totally bold but like you did in house of wax . oh my god i juts cannot get over you, you are the fittest man in the whole intirre world!!! well write bk lovz ya xxxxxx

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