Will Hollywood Marriages Ever Last?

Probably not. I mean, if Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston couldn’t last, then who the hell can? It’s looking as if two newly married couples are on the possible brink of destruction. It seems as if the odd coupling of Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney is in crisis. The couple is said to be arguing frequently.

The beautiful actress is reportedly worried Kenny is too controlling and has told pals they were “practically strangers” on their wedding day.

A source revealed: “Renee had never even see him lose his temper before the wedding, but now they’re married he seems to think he can tell her what to do. “He doesn’t like her hanging out with friends and wants to get her away from LA.

“When she tried to redecorate their new home in Connecticut he put his foot down and said it was too expensive and a waste of money. She just didn’t realise how different they were until after the wedding Renee is going to ask Kenny to try marriage counselling before throwing in the towel.”

Where to even begin with this one…This is what you get when you only date for four months prior to marriage. Especially when it’s a rebound thing.

Next up are the darlings of the WB, Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush (thankfully not one of the G.W. Bush daughters).

A Lowdown spy reports: “The marriage is all but done. They are separated, and she is going to file for divorce imminently.” Rumors have been swirling about Murray’s allegedly naughty behavior in L.A. while the missus was out of town filming “Stay Alive,” a teen horror flick.

What will this devastating canoodling do to the future of One Tree Hill? Well, if Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan can still work together, anyone can.