Will David Beckham Play Tonight?

That is the million dollar question. It’s up to David Beckham himself to make the call on if he plays soccer tonight according to Los Angeles Galaxy head coach Frank Yallop.

“The ultimate decision will come down to David,” Yallop said. “We’ll see how he is. I’m not going to put him out there to re-injure it. We’ll put him out there when he is fit and ready to go. He’s getting close. We won’t force it. He knows his own body and he’ll let us know if he is ready to go.”

DC United player Ben Olsen has meanwhile leapt to Beckham’s defence for criticism the England player has received for his delayed start to life in MLS. Olsen, a former Nottingham Forest defender who appeared for the USA at last year’s World Cup, has plenty of sympathy for Beckham.

“I feel awful for him,” Olsen told the DC United website. “As a player you relate to him as a player and if you were in his situation.

“He understands what is riding on this and the eyes that are on him. For him to be sitting there must be pretty painful.

“Everyone in the media is saying he is here on a holiday; that’s ridiculous. This guy who has done great things in his career and has always been a guy who has given 100 per cent when he plays, has had a remarkable career. So for some people to be saying that is ridiculous and I feel for him.”

Given all the criticism that David Beckham has had for not playing since his LA Galaxy debut, I truly think if he could he would. He knows that he was paid to play, and if he doesn’t the backlash will continue.


More photos of David Beckham on the practice field after the jump.