Will David Beckham Play Cheerleader At The World Cup?

March 17th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

After an ankle injury that will keep him out of this summer’s World Cup, David Beckham may still have a role to play: England’s lead cheerleader. Various commentators sugest Beckham should play a more inspirational part on the field in South Africa. In this scenario, he could act as a leader for inexperienced players about to go through the unique and challenging experience. Or would watching them out there doing what he should have been doing be too painful? The thing, Beckham’s presence could play a huge part in helping the FA (governing body of association football in England) secure the 2018 World Cup.

FA chairman Lord Triesman said, “We aren’t ready to speculate when he would be ready
to do things [for the bid] since our first thoughts are that he
recovers. He is a huge asset to the bid; there is no question about
that. He is very charismatic and an extremely decent person who will do
all and anything to help his country.”

Is that enough of a hint, Becks? Let’s hope he has a speedy recovery, first and foremost. And that a potential summer in South Africa doesn’t take away from some much-needed time with the fam with wife Victoria Beckham and his sons in L.A. She helped him leave the Mehilinen private clinic today in Turku, Finland.

By Lola Robertson

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