Will Smith & Josh Brolin Light Up The European Premiere Of ‘Men In Black III’

Nothing is better than an attractive cast, and Men In Black III has just that. 

Stars Will Smith and Josh Brolin, along with Will’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith, brought their flair and their mega-watt smiles to the European premiere of Men In Black III in Paris. They are just crazy globe-trotting for these premieres. Weren’t they just in South Korea a few days ago?

Will looked dashing in a white suit, while Josh went for navy pinstripe–sans tie. I can’t tell if I like Jada’s dress or not. I definitely appreciate the 1920s influence, but maybe in a color other than black?

Although it is pretty cute how she’s wearing black and Will’s wearing white. Honestly, they need to stop being so cute. It makes the rest of world’s couples look bad. 

I can’t wait for this movie. It’s like a blast from my childhood. Tell us, how excited are you?

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