Will Smith Is ‘Black’ With A Vengeance

Will Smith is one of the biggest movie stars in the world!  But how come I feel like I’m as old as someone on The Golden Girls when this generation only knows him as Willow and Jayden Smith’s dad?

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Time to take notice kiddies! Because Big Willy Style was back to filming Men in Black: III in Queens on Thursday and took time to snap shots with the fans. (Doesn’t he look so friendly?) The first MIB came out in 1997 and is a sci-fi comedy about aliens invading New York.

Oh Lord. Willow wasn’t even born in 1997! Good thing she’s ahead of her time. All this age talk has me straight up depressed! Which makes me want to bust out Paula Abdul’s “Straight up now tell me….” ANOTHER early 90’s reference. That’s it. Vodka. Orange Juice. NOW.