Will Leonardo DiCaprio Gives Us A Proper Love Scene In ‘The Great Gatsby’?

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• We want to see Leonardo DiCaprio naked on a bed. His last good love scene was The Departed. And it was way too short and way too clothed. Here is to hoping that he does just that in The Great Gatsby.

• Anyone up for looking at some photos of hot basketball players?

• An Indian advertising company JWT took shit to the next level when they released an ad for the new Ford Figo which featured the Kardashian sisters bound and gagged in the car’s trunk as Paris Hilton winks and smirks from the front seat. Guess who may sue?

• When asked during a conference call what Nicki Minaj thought of her American Idol performance as a judge she tooted her own horn and gave herself a pat on the back.

• Is your man too lazy to tie his own tie? Meet the Zip Tie.

• Would it surprise you to learn that Lindsay Lohan is a cracked-out homewrecker? No? It really shouldn’t surprise you. Remember Lindsay’s sketchy situation with Vikram Chatwal? He’s the millionaire hotelier who has funded Lindsay’s lifestyle on and off for a few years. During those years, Vikram was married (although somewhat estranged from his wife, but the wife was still around and Lindsay had a crack hissy fit about it).

• Listen up, haters: Kendall Jenner has something to say! When you look at Kendall in one of her photo shoots, it’s hard to believe that people would be criticizing her figure. Yet, as the 17-year-old model admits in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, it happens all too often.

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