Will And Kate Take Singapore, Talk Kids: Day 2 Highlights [PHOTOS]

Everyone is going batty over the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who wrapped up day two of their Diamond Jubilee tour in Singapore.  Tomorrow they’ll leave for Malaysia, where Catherine will make her second speech ever.

But first, the second half of Will and Kate’s day in Singapore.  As we reported last night, the royal couple visited Gardens by the Bay, where people went nuts (naturally) and chanted “Kate, you’re great!  Will, you’re brill!”  Her Royal Highness conducted her royal walkabout in a gorgeous Alexander McQueen suit and Stuart Weitzman wedges, bending down to talk with young children (ah, she has the magic touch).

Let’s give you the highlights of day 2, shall we? 

1) Super-eager fans knocked down a barrier and Prince William’s Scotland Yard personal protection officer in an attempt to talk to the heir.  Both William and his PPO helped to pick the barrier back up, and after William spoke to someone who was minorly injured.  “People from behind were pushing so the barrier fell down. It was very alarming. People were very excited to see William,” Vanitha Muthukoval told the Mirror’s Victoria Murphy.

2) A little whippersnapper asked William how many children he wants to have with Catherine.  “Two,” the prince answered without hesitation, according to the Daily Mail’s Rebecca English.

3) Not only were all eyes on Catherine’s outfits (she wore the “Tara” Blouse & Full Pleat Skirt from Raoul’s pre-fall 2012 collection to the Rainbow Center, where she partook in arts therapy classes, and then in a pleated Erdem dress at the British High Commissioner’s residence), but also on her choice of evening beverages.  This is the second night in a row that Catherine has chosen to toast with water, which could mean one of two three things: Either she’s still jet-lagged, she doesn’t want to get her buzz on in front of strangers, or…dare I say it?

4) We gals take our haircare very seriously, so it was of utmost importance to find out how Catherine’s been fighting the humidity + frizz issue.  15-year-old Ella Major told People, “I asked [Kate] how she kept her hair so perfect in this weather, because it’s so humid. Mine always poofs up.  She was afraid that her hair might be the same way in a few minutes. She said that her hair would poof up soon enough.”