Will And Kate End Diamond Jubilee Tour With A Brief Stop In Australia [PHOTOS]

Kelly Lynch | September 19, 2012 - 11:45 am

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are officially done with their Diamond Jubilee tour on behalf of the Queen, but their brief stopover in Brisbane, Australia today (September 19th) still drew large crowds.  Though no photocall was arranged, Australians – who are under the crown – came out to get a glimpse of William and Catherine, as this was Her Royal Highness’s first time in the country.

The royal couple stepped off the plane and headed into the VIP lounge to wait for their connecting flight to London.  Catherine wore a floral dress from Danii Minogue’s Project D line (which is also a favorite of sister Pippa Middleton) as she and William walked through the public terminal so that well-wishers could see them in the flesh.

“She looked amazing, she is so graceful,” fellow passenger Shelley Jelonek told the Telegraph.  “It’s really impressive that they came up through the normal terminal. I have even more respect for them now. 

“The kids were really excited to see real royalty in real life,” Jelonek added. “The Royal family is going through a real resurgence in popularity here and it’s mainly because of those two.”

Deanna Bryant, who was dropping her mother-in-law off at the airport, also got a glimpse of the newest royal.  “We got a good view of the Duchess as she came up the escalator, she looked lovely,” Bryant said.  She always looks so comfortable and elegant.”

Catherine then changed into jeans, a cream jumper and Temperley London’s Lotus Leopard Print Scarf ($385) for the flight back to London, which she and William boarded ten minutes before take-off.

“They had one objective – to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee,” a royal source told the Telegraph.  “It’s not for us to judge whether that was a success or not, from their point of view they felt able to do her life, and the diversity of the nations she represents, justice.”