Fergie And A Weird Mix Of Quasi-Celebs Celebrate 40 Years Of Wilhelmina Models

November 30th, 2007 // 3 Comments

The only reason I know anything about Wilhelmina is because it was the agency Angelina Jolie went with in “Gia”, which is one of the hottest movies ever made and made shooting up between your toes and dying of AIDS look absolutely glamorous. Remember when Gia carved her name on the desk, and cut her friend for drug money? That was a momumental cinematic achievement. Anyway, Wilhelmina has been around for forty years. A big anniversary celebration was held at the Angel Orensanz foundation. And uh, well, Fergie showed up. And sang. And LL Cool J. Wow, there was kind of a celeb drought at this one. Lance Bass was there. You know it’s bad when even Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag don’t show up. And those meatheads flash everywhere except where they should be which is on a milk carton. Doesn’t anyone care about model history?

Photos: WENN

More photos of pretty people on the red carpet (Lance Bass, Jammie Berk, Sean Patterson, Jimmie Johnson, Chandra Johnson, Trevor Rains, Richie Rich, Jeff Gordon, Ingrid Gordon, Alex Lundquist, Keytt Lundquist, Beverly Johnson, AJ Calloway, LL Cool J, Amy Schummer, Fergie) after the jump.

By J. Harvey

  1. rootabega

    god i love Gia. Back when Angie was hot and rocked her “curves”

  2. Alexis

    Why didn’t the photogs get any shots of the devil? He was there, wasn’t he? As Beverly Johnson’s date? How else could she STILL look that good?

  3. Jennifer

    Gia was ok. Angelina Jolie looked NOTHING like the real Gia. Too bad they couldn’t have found an actress that looked more like Gia. I guess they thought that Jolie’s personality was like Gia’s. At the time I bought that, but lately I’ve decided that Jolie’s supposed bi-sexuality and wildness were part of her act to make herself more attractive to straight men. Gia REALLY WAS wild and REALLY WAS a lesbian. And really was gorgeous, not just pretty with fat lips.

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